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Phrases Library in ExESS

The compliance of your safety documents highly depends on the quality of their content. That is why, since its foundation, Lisam has dedicated strong efforts to build the most comprehensive and qualitative industry phrases catalogue on the market by contributing to the creation of the WikiChemia database.

ExESS contains more than 100,000 industry phrases sourced from the WikiChemia database and which are used in the context of chemical compliance.
The phrases library integrated in ExESS is daily enriched with new content and translations and covers, among other:
  • Official H&P Statements
  • Sections & Sub-sections of the SDS
  • Cosmetics Regulation
  • Proper Shipping Names
  • REACH Annex VI Names
  • EUPCS Use Categories
  • Biocides
  • Exposure Scenarios
  • National Legislations

Available Languages

Through the WikiChemia database, ExESS offers high-quality phrases sourced from official publications and ensures high-level translations thanks to the contribution of native-speaking experts who verify the context and legitimacy of the translated content before it can be downloaded into our system.
Free updates according to global regulations
Continuously Enriched
Compatible with ExESS XML or SDSCOM XML formats
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