Draft Chemicals Management and Safety Rules (CMSR)

Draft Chemicals Management and Safety Rules (CMSR)

03 July 2020
Last March, India published the fourth version of its Draft Chemicals Management and Safety Rules (CMSR), 20xx also known as “India REACH”.

The draft includes the following principles:

· Notification of substances >= 1 ton per year
· Evaluation of files and substances
· Restriction/Prohibition of unacceptable chemicals
· Registration of 37 chemicals >= 1 ton per year
· Handling and labelling of hazardous substances.
The Indian approach is relatively standard and similar to regulatory frameworks such as REACH or K-REACH making it familiar for the global chemical industry to understand and apply the Rules. Regarding hazard communication, India should adopt GHS Rev. 8. Industry consultation was concluded on March 31st, 2020, now a fifth and definite draft is in the making but was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in any case, India Reach should be published and enforced before 2022.

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