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Update on Restriction Proposal for Intentionally Added Microplastics

09 September 2020

Following the publication from January 2019, ECHA has decided to update their proposal regarding the intentional uses of microplastics while remaining independent and following a transparent and evidence-based scientific approach.

The proposal has been subject to a six-month consultation period and discussed among the two scientific committees: the Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC), which already adopted its opinion back in June 2020, and the Committee for Socio-economic Analysis (SEAC), which is expected to adopt its final opinion before the end of 2020.

All modifications that have been made are based on solid arguments and evidence received during the six-month consultation. The changes proposed by ECHA are available in the draft background document:

The European Commission will make the final decision on the restriction with the EU Member states taking into account the Committees’ opinions and ECHA’s proposal.

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