About Lisam Systems

To promote continuous improvement and satisfaction of our customers and stakeholders, we are committed to implementing, managing, adapting and following a quality and information security management system pursuant to ISO9001:2015 and ISO27001:2013.
This is notably expressed by our determination to:

  Be available for our customers and ensure a quick response time;

  Keep improving the quality of our products and services;

  Convey respect to our employees;

  Satisfy the needs and expectations of our stakeholders.

At Lisam, we are mindful of raising awareness and increasing participation among each member of the company and wish to act in accordance with all the legal and regulatory requirements linked to our activities.

Since 1999, Lisam Systems has worked into becoming the first compliance ally of worldwide companies through a wide range of comprehensive and seamless IT tools expressly developed to cover and overcome the global regulatory standards in EH&S, HR and Quality Management.


  Our Mission

Lisam Systems’ heart and soul is built around the purpose of serving worldwide companies by offering the most intuitive and functional IT tools to promote compliance and ensure environmental sustainability, health and safety, workplace excellence and people-oriented management.

  Our Vision

Lisam pursues the digital transformation and centralization of all the global regulatory aspects of business management to facilitate the communication, guarantee the transparency and reach the harmonization of compliance knowledge. We stand behind the promise of a world where safety information and regulatory data would be accessible for all.

  Corporate Social Responsability

Lisam is accomplishing its mission and ensuring its success in a way that is ethical, fair to its employees and mindful of the environment. Lisam supports diversity and inclusion. We are dedicated to reaching a collective good.

  Information Security

Information security and personal data protection of our customers and stakeholders are a priority for Lisam. For this reason, Lisam makes a point of continuously improving its system to safeguard:

 The confidentiality of information and of sensitive data;

 The integrity of information;

 The availability of information and services operated.


Lisam always seeks to achieve and maintain the highest quality standards for its products and services. We are committed to continuously improve our methods, review our objectives, increase our investments and challenge our teams to offer the most cutting-edge and reliable products for the utmost customer satisfaction.


The company is committed to complying with the applicable requirements and implement a continual improvement approach for its quality management and information security system.