Covid-19 Action

Lisam Offering Free SDS for Disinfectant Products
In these unprecedented times, the chemical industry has become one of the central protagonists in the fight against Covid-19. Many businesses worldwide have started to address the urgent need for sanitary, hygiene and disinfecting products by boosting production, creating new production plants in record time or even switching production units to overcome the disinfecting products shortage.

Cleaning products and disinfectants recognized as efficient to combat viral pathogens require the delivery of a GHS-compliant Safety Data Sheet (SDS) with a GHS format which varies according to the national requirements applicable in the region where the products are sold.

As of [Date], Lisam Systems commits itself to providing — upon request — 2 Free SDS/Labels to any company, that is currently marketing disinfecting, cleaning or any product helping combat the virus (+ a discount on any additional document request).

The SDS/Label will be:

  • Delivered in the GHS region format of your choice (Up to 20 regions to choose from);
  • Translatable in 50+ languages.

The documents will be made available in the requested GHS format within two business days.

In this incredibly uncertain context, the least we can do is to contribute to this flow of solidarity and support you and your response efforts as much we possibly can.

Stay safe, stay healthy; we will help you stay compliant.

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